Counselor's Corner for December
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Friday, December 09, 2016

Ease your family’s ‘rush hour’ with these morning routines:
In many families, “rush hour” begins before anyone even walks out the door. Your child doesn’t have time for breakfast. He may race out the door while leaving homework and school supplies behind. And even then, he may miss the bus. If this sounds familiar, it’s time for you to develop a new morning “traffic pattern.” Here’s how you can create some morning routines to tame the chaos:

  • •Prepare for the day the night before. Help your child make his lunch and pick out his school clothes. Have him make sure his backpack and other items are ready to go and by the door.

  • •Help your child figure out how much time he really needs in the morning to get ready. Tell him it is his responsibility to set his alarm clock—and get up when it goes off.

  • •Make it a game. Try playing ‘Beat the Clock’. If it took 20 minutes for your child to get downstairs for breakfast yesterday, can he do it in 18 minutes today? Let’s be

  • honest. Some kids are late because they dawdle.

  • •Create fun breakfast themes— Waffle Wednesday, Fruity Friday, etc. Having a schedule takes the guesswork out of breakfast and may motivate your child to actually sit down and eat!

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